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Kentucky United Pipes & Drums!

A 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

1st row: Lance Dahl, tenor/bass/Drum Major; Will Young, Pipe Major
2nd row: Courtney Thomerson, pipes; Tom Hall, snare; Barry Miller, bass/snare; Rick Clayburn, Drum Sergeant/Snare; Chris Robbins, snare; Angela Young, tenor; Barb Willard, pipes
3rd row: Maria Roberts, pipes, Ross DeAeth, Pipe Sergeant; Keith Goins, pipes; Jennifer Guthrie, pipes; Malcolm B. McGregor, pipes

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Independently owned and operated.

2006 Events
May 13, 2006, Kentucky Scottish Weekend
May 19-20, 2006 Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Games INFO SHEET
June 3, 2006 Glasgow Highland Games INFO SHEET
September 16, 2006, Paddy Wagon, Richmond, KY
September 26, 2006, Open House, Central Christian Church, Lexington, KY
October 2, 2006 Fire Prevention Parade, Downtown Lexington
October 10, 2006 Free beginner lessons begin
October 14, 2006 EKU Homecoming Parade, Richmond, KY
October 19-21, 2006 Stone Mountain Highland Games INFO SHEET
November 19, 2006 Kirking, St John's Episcopal Church, Versailles, KY